Denim x Hats: Fit Pairing

streetwear hats

Denim is a staple in the streetwear world and can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. One item that can greatly enhance your denim fit are hats. Flat brim and snapback team hats are the perfect complement, adding a sporty and stylish touch to your outfit.

When pairing your denim with a hat, it’s important to consider the colors. If your denim is a solid color, opt for a hat with a bold design or pattern to add interest. If your denim has a bold design, a solid colored hat will balance the look.

Snapback team hats are the perfect choice for a casual look. They are adjustable, making them a comfortable fit for everyone. The team logos add a touch of nostalgia and sportiness to your denim outfit.

Flat brim hats are a more fashion-forward option. They have a flat brim, making them a modern take on the classic baseball cap. They are a popular choice for streetwear enthusiasts and can add a touch of edge to your denim outfit.

Adding a flat brim or snapback hat to your fit is a simple way to elevate your look. Choose the right colors and designs to make the most of your denim and headwear combination. Whether you’re going for a sporty or stylish look, the right hat can make all the difference. Peep our large Zamage denim collection here and our hat collection here.

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